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A Special Formulated Latex Polish PVC Dressing is a product that has been sold to the trade for over 25 years. And now thelatexfactory.com can offer you this fantastic product so you too can achieve a professional finish and keep your latex looking great. It is recommended for use on PVC, Vinyl, Rubber and Plastic to clean and achieve a high gloss finish. PVC Dressing is described as a One-Step mild cleaning, shine and protection Product. PVC Dressing has a mild but effective cleaning action with a small but significant cleansing and deodorising effect. Apply first coat with a lint free cloth, to achieve a cleaning effect, subsequent coats will then provide a high gloss finish. The more coats applied the higher gloss the finish. The product when applied does appear to have a milky appearance, this will air dry to a bright high gloss finish. Items can be retreated on a regular basis to maintain the cleanliness and the finish that gives a new-like appearance. This product does not contain any harsh solvents and therefore will not detrimentally affect the quality of the items treated. Although this product is considered non-hazardous in normal use, care should be taken to avoid prolonged contact with eyes and skin, keep out of reach of children.