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Infatable Water Sports Hood



This Inflatable Water Sports Hood has been made using 1.05mm sheet latex and is doubled skinned so making it 2.1mm thick when deflated. On this hood there is a hard hollow gag which will keep your mouth open and prevent you from stopping any liquid from going into your mouth so beware of what you put in the trough as it only goes one way. Also we have fitted a plastic heavy weight zipper in the back for easy access with a hair guard for your comfort which is tripled glued and riveted for extra strength and being plastic will not rust like some metal zippers. The water trough is made using double thickness 1.05mm latex with canvas in-between for extra strength. There is a medical pump up bulb to inflate the hood and a release valve attached for when you wish to deflate the hood. Please note that this hood is for the extreme end of water play and is only made to order in the UK by ourselves.

+ £15.99


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